Realtime Persistent Strategy Game

Your specialized hits are the strongest in the game, including the unique ability to assassinate players.

Class Ultimate: Guaranteed assassination
The farmer excels at growing and maintaining a higher crop quality than other players and has sole access to the best dope in the game.

Class Ultimate: All imports the highest quality in the game.
No other class can move as much product on the streets as the Salesman. They are an excellent builder class and can consistently generate lots of cash.

Class Ultimate: Sales are Doubled
The Investment Banker excels in keeping money safe with unique access to private vaults. These vaults can be opened to other players.

Class Ultimate: ROI is increased while the losses are mitigated
You generate more cash than a salesman in short bursts by massing together hoes. The payout is large - so is the buy in.

Class Ultimate: Hires hoes at no charge
Money and tacos. Life of a gangster.
Mucho bombs.

Class Ultimate: Bombs detonated will damage other items during explosion.
Origins unknown. Mercenary is an offensive war machine. Access to bombs.

Class Ultimate: Is able to re-do failed hits.
DEA Agent
A mix of good defensive and offensive skills that make you versatile. You are the only class with access to DEA abilities.

Class Ultimate: Confiscate money or hoes from target


101011 1010 10 10101 01 1010010101010101 1010101 010101010101010

Class Ultimate: Infects target with Virus

Persistent & Always Running

Just because you log off, doesn't mean the game stops. You are not alone.

Multiple Characters

Play support as a farmer or banker. Be gangster with a gangster.

Or brighten everyone's day as a hitman.

Infinite Paths

Over 300 points earnable to customize your character. No more cookie-cutter strategies.

Cartel Clashes

Join your cartel in 24-48 hour wars. Drag your allies into it. Winner takes all.